Residential Or Commercial Property Supervisor Reveals Why Millennials Can Not Buy Residences. It Pertains To Kardashians And Also Avocados

Tim Gurner, a 35-year-old Melbourne, Australia, residential or commercial property supervisor that deserves practically $500 million, informed Australia’s “60 Minutes” why millennials won’t be buying a house anyat any time soon.

Gurner exposed to the program that millennials aretoo hectic making bad way of living selections and investing their money on “smashed avocado” and also seeing “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“When I was attempting to acquireshopping my initial home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each,”Gurner claimed, revealing how he amassed his ton of money.

“We’re at a factor now where the expectations of younger people are very, really high,” he proceeded. “They wantwish to consumedine in restaurants on a daily basis, they desire travel to Europe each year.”

Building supervisor reveals why millennials can’t get homes.”We’re at a point currently where the expectations of more youthful people are extremely, extremely high,” he continued.