Editorial: Social Solutions Reforms Are Desperately Needed

Her deal with the panel, combined with the leadership of our own SC Sen. Tom Young of Aiken, along with SC Sen. Joel Lourie, of Richland County, ought to breathe a new sense of reform into the agency. A year of the panel studying the company and a legislative audit report have certainly exposed the issues with Social Solutions.

The report by the independent legislative council explained that the firm failed to effectively investigate allegations of youngster abuse, along with the deaths of children in South Carolina. It likewise said that caseloads in the agency are extreme, with caseworkers in some counties particularly strained. It s been noted that a minimum of one caseworker in each of Aiken, Lexington and Richland counties is dealing with more than 100 children when consider all of their cases. That s unacceptable.

Shealy s bill would produce a different Department of Household Safety Services, which would intend to protect households and youngsters. Also, the costs would redesignate the benefits side of Social Solutions to the state s Department of Health and Person Services. The very same workers at Social Services would manage the well-being, food stamp and other services, but be under the umbrella of Health and Person Solutions.

Other senators ought to be co-signers for this bill when it s filed. It s a step in the best direction, and one that would not just rebrand Social Solutions, however restructure it in a significant method.

The regulation will also reportedly set education standards for new caseworkers, set response time for workers investigating problems and develop brand-new limits for caseloads. Each of those elements are required and significant modifications.

The state has experienced too much demoralizing news coming out of its Social Services department for the previous year. These modifications would create a more positive culture and should generate greater accountability and efficiency in a firm that frantically requires it.

Barnaud Caps Effective Profession At DWU

Francois Barnaud strolled on Joe Quintal Field in Mitchell to play his final game as a Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU) Tiger on Saturday, Nov. 15.

Regardless of the 15 degree weather condition, moderate snow and a 20 mpg wind, the Tigers rolled over Dordt College 40-14. Barnaud had an outstanding day with hurrying 23 times for 216 lawns and two touch downs.Ross Cimpl,

DWU head coach, stated prior to the game on Nov. 15 that this years senior class of athletes has the second-winningest record in DWU football history with a record of 26-15. With the win, the group of 7 senior citizens tied the 1994 class with 27 wins for the most wins in the 4 years.Barnaud said he

delighted in maturing in Belle Fourche, he said the neighborhood is so supportive of athletes and he still gets notes from pals that have followed his college football profession. He stated the Broncs had a great period his junior year with a record of 9-1 and making it to the second round of play offs both his junior and senior years. Barnaud graduated from Belle Fourche in 2010.

Barnaud, a fifth-year senior running back at DWU, from Belle Fourche was accompanied by his sis Mary Selland during Senior Acknowledgment Day. Barnaud leaves DWU as the schools most embellished running back.He recently set the career hurrying record, passing former colleague Josh Endres on the perpetuity Tiger list. Barnaud has 3,342 hurrying and 35 total touchdowns in his profession. Last period, Barnaud acquired 1,893 yards leading the NAIA and setting the Tiger single-season mark.Barnaud said he holds the No. 1 and No. 2 areas for single period rushing backyards. He was named to the All-GPAC very first team offense and made Beyond Sports Network Second GroupJunior varsity All-American honors in 2013. This season, Barnaud has 1,409 backyards hurrying and 14 touchdowns. He ranks sixth in the country in overall rushing.Barnaud is a sport, workout and health major and has plenty of alternatives that he is thinking about. Following graduation he commented I would such aswish to coach football or get includedassociated with athletic training.Barnaud did say he has been invited to a number of all-star video games and is considering this opportunity.

In the majority ofIn many cases, NFL, CFL and field football group scouts are there and he wishes to get a shot

at continuing his football career.

Vinny Lecavalier To Be A Healthy Scratch For First Time In Career

While Berube attempts to send a message to his team – although he asserts the benchings are an individual thing – the gamers are losing confidence.

Self-confidence comes from structure, doing things appropriately, doing them with strength and playing like a group, Berube stated. Thats how you get your self-confidence back. The group needs to count on each other out there and do things properly with structure and do things with intensity, urgency and the self-confidence will certainly be back.

Its definitely not gon na help, Lecavalier stated of his confidence. Thats why Ive got to move on and prepare mentally, see the video game tonight and perhaps thats gon na (allow me to see) some things that may assist me.It was only last June that then-general manager Paul Holmgren and then-coach Peter Laviolette took a train ride to New York City on the eve of the NHL Draft in Newark to woo Lecavalier, who had simply been bought out by the Tampa Bay Lightning, to come to Philadelphia. He signed a five-year, $22.5 million agreement July 3.

Im not going to lie and state I didnt go right here for Lavy, Lecavalier stated. Naturally I did. I satisfied him and Homer and had an excellent conference. I liked what he said to me. It was certainly a surprise (he was fired), but thats last year and its a different system and it is exactly what it is. Absolutely nothings always going to be perfect. Its my job to try to work with it and do my lowest at it.Oh, how things have changed sinceever since.

Last period, Lecavalier started out as the second-line center and when a back injury took him out of the lineup, he was the teams leading scorer. When he returned, he was asked to play wing for the very first time in his profession and when that didnt exercise so well he was eliminated to the 4th line to play center.

This season he started as second-line center too, but quickly things have actually gone poorly. Lecavalier has two goals and four assists in 16 video games and hasn’t found the back of the net in 12 games. He had been on the 4th line for the last three games and had been playing bestextreme right because practice on Nov. 17.

With three seasons after this one still on his agreement, Lecavalier doesn’t want to end his tradition as a borderline Hall of Famer being a healthy scratch or a fourth-line idealextreme right. He politely declined addressing concerns about whether he thinks its time to ask for a trade because he does not wantwish to be a distraction while his team struggles to discover its way.

Thats not my design, Lecavalier stated. Some individuals may be like that. Im not. Its not a time now to say things that I may regret and thats definitely not going to assist the team.While Lecavaliers self-confidence might be shot now, with the Flyers as a fourth-line rightextreme right, he feels that with the best ice time he can still be a 20-goal scorer like he was last year.Oh, certainly, he stated.

Im not a various gamer than in 2013. I didnt think I had a fantastic period in 2013. I had an actually great start. I had a lot of opportunities the first 20 games and then I got hurt and after that, not as much. I just desire to work tough and return out there. I think in what I can do. Mentally, its hard this morning, but Ive got to get preparedprepare for next time Im out there.

New Middletown Youth Services Internet Site Promotes Programs

Middletown, as a community, should be pleasedboast of the range of services and supports we have for kids, Carbonella stated. No matter how manythe number of programs you have, youre always bucking up versus this details gap. Thats an obstacle we could address.He said the info is set up for parents and students, but the Youth Solutions Bureau is also hoping school staff and neighborhood companies will certainly likewise utilize it.We have 120-plus programs on it now, but we know there are loads more out there, he said. Its either about getting included or getting support.Much of the financing for the development of the new internet site was offered by the Middlesex United Way.The Middlesex United Way deals with youth services on numerous initiatives, such as promoting developmental programs which are keys to success, such as function designs and household support.Ed Bonilla, senior director for community resources, said the My Connections web site is an excellent idea.Its another tool for reaching youth and their families and offering support, Bonilla said.He said the web-based system would guarantee that the list of programs or services in constantly as much as date.Ive worked in a great deal of neighborhoods where they print a handbook and

its out of date quite swiftly, Bonilla said. You invest so much money and time to put it together, so why not utilize that energy to assemble something interactive?Carbonella said he hopes the website will certainly also ultimately list community events like the yearly Holiday on Main. The Youth Solutions Bureau just recently filmed 2 promotional videos that will certainly market the brand-new website, and other products are likewise being developed.

Committee: More Cash Needed For Senior Services

A panel has submitted a report with a number of recommendations for keeping and improving services for elders in Johnson County.The Advertisement Hoc Senior

Services Committees proposals include: oKeeping the Iowa City/Johnson County Elder Center at its present location.oSeeking added financing from local governments and enhancing profits through rentals of meeting and celebration areas to maintain the centers variety of programs and level of service. oCommissioning a professional study to much better understand the needs of seniors.The committee

, which was produced in February and started its deal with the guide in Might, was charged by the council to evaluate the vision, objective and programs of the senior center and how the center serves the total needs of seniors in the neighborhood and the county. The committee likewise was charged to recognize any barriers that might make it tough for the city to serve location seniors.The committee kept in mind eight obstacles, including reduced financing, gaps in services for senior citizens and an absence of variety of the centers visitors.Iowa City Council member Rick Dobyns, who worked as a member of the committee, said the city has minimized funding to comparable

senior care programs such as the nonprofit Senior citizen Solutions Inc and Pathways. Dobyns stated the committee likewise examined and made recommendations to the council relating to using financial and physical resources to better serve senior citizens and visitors.The Elder Center gets a significant amount of monetaryfinancial backing from taxpayers. I was hoping the commission would make a more reasonable judgment of where the moneythe cash must have gone, Dobyns stated. The state made changes in the Legislature, and as an outcome many cities are taking a look at getting less earnings from property taxes.Dobyns stated that he disagreed with a few of the suggestions the committee made, but that he thinks the Senior Center and the programs it supplies are valuable to the city.The committee worked difficultstrove and did a really

nice job, but times are tough, and we require to take an appearance at everyone in regards to decreasing financing, Dobyns stated. There was a lot of talk, and I believe a lot of people were believing

I was believingconsidering ruining the Senior Center. I wasnt attempting to obtain rid of or move the center, I simply wantedwished to take a good appearancetake a look at all of the financing info and options.Committee chairman Joe Younker stated he believes the committees report will help the City Council with future planning.I think the guide identifies the Senior Center as a valuable resource for Iowa City, but it likewise determines that there are issues going forward and other requirements that ought to be evaluated also, Younker said. One of the recommendations the committee made was that a professional survey requires to be done to better comprehend the needs of senior citizens, and with that details the council could progress and figure out what extra steps are necessary.The committees report assessed the Senior Centers financial year 2013 budget plan, which revealed expenditures for the center in 2013 were$778,491 while the earnings were$ 209,724. Iowa Citys general fund contributed$ 568,776, or about 70 percent to 75 percent of the centers expenditure.Senior Center planner Linda Kopping said one of the biggest expenses is keeping personnel.We already have space that we rent out, and I believe that its possible we could make a bigger effort to promote the availability of those spaces, or to make them more desirablebetter for leasing, Kopping said. Im not really expecting any big changes at the moment. The final choicesdecisions will certainly be up the the City board, from

my understanding.Dobyns said the council will certainly examine the guide and might decide to act on the committees suggestions next year.Im looking forward to having these discussions with the council, Dobyns stated. The programs at the center are really pleasurable, and when the city is in the position of thinking about reallocating funding, I can comprehend why thats disturbing to people.Reach Andy Davis at 319-887-5404 or at [email protected] suggestions The Ad Hoc Elder Solutions Committee made the following funding recommendations to the Iowa City board: oThe city must continue to deal with goals to determine and use income sources.oThe city must evaluate opportunities to produce profits through rentals of conference and gathering spaces.oThe city ought to think about the needs of low-income elders as a high concern when designating federal, state and local funds to external agencies.oThe city need to seek extra funds from other cities in Johnson County and

the Board of Supervisors whose homeowners utilize the center.oThe city ought to assess opportunities to share space, financing techniques and

other resources with relevant neighborhood agencies.oThe city ought to encourage all companies that serve seniors, irrespective of whether that is their main objective, to use for any available funds that serve low-income seniors.oThe city ought to commission a professional survey to better understand the requirements of seniors.oThe city must keep the center in its

current location.oThe city should take steps to boost availability to and within the center.Obstacles and recommendations oTransportation: Transportation-related problems are troublesome for specific segments of the senior population. The city should assess the transportation-related concerns in more information oDifficulties with growth of diversity: The Senior Center Commission, the Steering Council, and the center personnel should remain to discover methods to includecontribute to the existing diversity of

participants at the center, and to make sure the diversity reflects that of the community at large.oGaps in services for seniors: The city and agencies that serve older grownups should engage

in a dialogue with suitable organizations to much better comprehend any spaces in services.

The dialogue needs to consist of the continued identification of possible locations of collaboration in between the city and different agencies.oBarriers to access the center:

Evaluate the challenges with accessing

the center(eg time allocated to cross streets at the comer of Linn and Washington streets; prompt snow and ice removal in the winter; slippery paint on crosswalks; public bus stop in front of ADA entryway on Washington Street ). oLack of community awareness of the inclusivity of The Center programs: Boost focus on the accessibility of multigenerational shows that benefits everyone in the neighborhood, not just seniors.oLack of downtown affordable housing for low-and middle-income elders: Explore ways to increase downtown budget friendly housing and universal design for low and middle-income seniors.oDecrease in funding: Avenues ought to be discovered to enhance contributions from other cities in Johnson County and from the Board of Supervisors.oLack of articulated vision for the best ways to make Iowa City age friendly: The city council must establish an exploratory committee to think aboutto think about the WHO (World Health Organization)method to age-friendly cities.

Vacation Shopping Suggestions: Safeguard Yourself And Your Money

The vacation periodholiday, which stretches simply until the other side of the New Year, typically showcases a great deal of food, family– and shopping, great deals of shopping. Billions of dollars of shopping.Find complete information about vacation events, shopping and more in our 2014 VACATION GUIDE Thats a lot of cash and its important to

see to it it( and you )are secured while you buy. Right here are some things to keep in mind.From About.com: Shop throughout daytime hours whenever possible. If you need to shop at night, choose a good friend or family member.Avoid straining yourself with plans. It is essentialis very important to have clear exposure and freedom of motion to stay clear of mishaps.Beware of complete strangers approaching you for any factor. At this time of year, con-artists could attempt various approaches of sidetracking you with the objective of taking your cash or belongings.From the National Criminal activity Prevention Council: Keep your personal information private and your password secure.Do not reactreact to demands to “validate”your password or charge card info unless you initiated the contact. Legitimate businesses will certainly not call you in this manner.Beware of”bargains”from companies with whom you are

  • unfamiliar– if it sounds too excellent to be true, it probably is!Use secure web sites for purchases. Search for the icon of a locked padlock at the bottom of the screen or”https”in the URL
  • address.From StaySafeOnline.org: All the gadgets you make use of for shopping– consisting of smartphones andtablets– ought to have updated software consisting of security software application, running systems, programs and apps.Links in e-mail, tweets, posts, and online advertising are frequently the method cybercriminals compromise your computer. If it
    • looks suspicious, even if you understand the source, it’s finest to erase or if appropriate, mark as junk email.Be wary of communications that provide remarkable deals that sound too excellent to be true, plead you to act promptly -including those about a problem with an order or payment or ask you to see the internet site via a provided link.Don’ t share individual or financial information over an unsecured network(a connection that doesn’t require a password for access).
    • Utilizing the direct web gain access to on your phone(by means of a 3G/4G connection)is more secure than an unsecured wireless network when on your mobile device.From CBS News: Use a credit card rather than a debit card(which has direct access to your checking account)Keep your
    • browser up to date Beware of phantom websites More vacation news: Difficulty in Toyland report warns of potentially unsafe toys AJC Vacation Present Guide 2014 10 must-see motion pictures for the vacations

    35 Things You Should Do For Your Career By The Time You Turn 35

    Recommended flexibility. Going your very own method. Paving your own course. Doing what works for you (and not doing what doesnt).

    Were also big fans of not putting a timeline on things. Weve even stated that there are plenty of things you do not need to have by 30 (or 40, or 50, or ever … ).

    But when it pertains to your profession, there are some things that we do advise getting startedstarting on sooner as opposed to later. Not because some all-knowing profession god out there states you have to, however since youll make your expert future– not to point out daily work life– a wholea lot much easier.

    The Five Finest Cash Moves You Can Make In December

    In 2013, 42 % of middle-class Americans stated that it was impossible for them to pay their costs and still conserve for retirement, according to a Wells Fargo research. But even if you can’t get anywhere near the annual 401(k) contribution restriction of $17,500, attempt to put aside as much money as you can, says Ken Stanley, a NerdWallet advisor from Harper Stanley Financial Solutions.

    “If you have the opportunity to add to a 401(k), especially if your employer is matching the contribution, please do not leave any money on the table,” he says.Jonathan DeYoe

    , NerdWallet consultant and principal at DeYoe Wealth Management, adds that it’s important is very important to re-evaluate spending at the end of the year and see if you can pay for to contribute more.

    “Your future self is truly going to value your present self’s savings,” he states.2.

    Secure your identity online.About 28 % of consumers state they prefer doing holiday shopping online as opposed to in a store to avoid crowds, according to a 2013 study by global info firm Accenture. If you’re preparing to avoid the long lines this month, do your finest to keep your online information safe.Avoid taking a look at

    your online bank profile or making online purchases on public Wi-Fi. If you have lots of weak or replicate passwords, now is an excellent time to change those. Display your charge card statements closely and report deceptive deals as quicklyas quickly as possible.3. ProvideOffer to charity-the smart way.If you have some excess earnings at the end of the year and you desirewish to providereturn, donating prior to Dec. 31 can help you gain from tax incentives.When donating, make sure your cash is going to a worthy cause.

    Two-thirds of Americans do not look into the organizations they contribute to, according to a 2011 research study by Hope Consulting. Check the Better Company Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance to discover out more about where your money is going.4. Start thinkingthinking of taxes.Don’t wait up until April to start believingconsidering taxes. For brand-new parents or recently married couples, submitting a W-4 prior to the vacation period might indicate less tax kept from each paycheck. That could make a big distinction throughout the holidays, states Harry Krampf, a NerdWallet advisor and a tax expert at TaxVigilante.net.”It is among those things that individuals have direct control over,”he says.If you’ve seen some big modifications this year, ask your employer about

    completing a W-4.5. Mishaps can happen at any time -get covered.If you don’t have health insurance coveragemedical insurance through your company, now’s the time to enlist in coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

    Enlist by Dec. 15 for protection that starts Jan. 1, 2015.

    If you select to give up health insurance provider this year, remember that you’ll have to pay a fine, and in 2015, that will be more costly.What’s crucial Getting your monetary life in order can be difficult, however whenonce you’re done, you’ll be able to concentrate on exactly what really matters. That makes all the budgeting, planning and financial investment worth it.

    “It’s truly about family coming together,”DeYoe states.”It has to do with gratitude, gratitude and truly appreciating what we have. “

    Wymer Brownlee Expanding Its Services In Alva Location

    Wymer Brownlee has merged with the workplace of Steve Knox to broaden services in the Alva area.

    The business supplies business consulting and tax, accounting and wealth management services for corporations, organizations and people.